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September 29, 2007
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Sonix Sex Change

Chapter 1

Hi there, my names Sarah. I'm your typical underdog girl, nothing special about me in the least. My outlet is art, though I feel I'm no good. I'm stuck in a small town in the country. The intire town has football leather for blood and a football for a brain, so I feel lost in a sea of sweat. Ew.

My life has never been all that exciting, not counting the occational stray dog or a horse going off corse, but other than those. Nothing exciting, not that those are a real thrill, but it's my life. I never expected my life would be changed when I turned 15.

My day that day had been horrible, my father'd gotten so mad at me that morning he didn't even say good-bye when I got out of the car for school. I got sent to the office for wearing the wrong shirt and missed my favorite period, cooking. At lunch I got chewed out by a guy who called himself my friend, after the mistaken title of my boyfriend (Lucky for me I cut that off), I was mearly speaking my mind and turns out I said the wrong thing. Finally, the day ended. I had to stay after class and take a test. Once finished I headed or the parking lot where my sister was to meet me. I stood out in the back parking lot and no one was there

"Hmm, she must be a bit late," I told myself. I sighed and leaned againts the wall thinking about how much my day had stunk. I heard a motor coming up. I heard it stop in front me. I looked up expecting to see my sister, but I was met by a hand forcing my mouth closed and my head againts the wall. They ripped my bookbag off my back and spun me around. This guy made a bear hug so tight I thought I'd be squeezed in half. I attempted to scream threw my captors hand, I may live in a football town but they weren't stupid people. But alas I couldn't get the scream out, that didn't mean I wasn't going to fight. I kicked, bucked, and thrashed vilently in order to break loose. I even tried to lick his hand, that tended to get my sister's horse play off me, but all this did now was get my mouth covered in spit. And I had a spit phobia. They man drug me to the car, I dug my heals into the loose gravel. I'd seen plenty of crime drama's to know what they looked for. They threw me into the trunk and slamed it shut

I kicked the top of the trunk attempting to bust it open. Now what I'd do when it WAS open I wasn't sure. I wasn't a huge fan of pain and the thought of jumping out of a moving car onto a busy highway wasn't on my list of things I wanna do. But no luck, the trunk was shut and it was gonna stay that way. I lay on the trunk floor and began to cry. This wasn't my day, all that'd gone on that morning and now I was being kidnapped. Who knew what they were going to to, again my mind went to all the crime dramas which only made my worry worse. I sobbed into my arms. Out of fear and sorrow, eventually, dispite this ordeal, I feel asleep.

When I woke up, it was hard to see. Like, I was looking threw water. Apon regaining full conciousness I relized that's what I was actually looking threw. I looked around, the water I was in was clear so I could still see out. It was weird, I was breathing, but I knew I was under water. I finally relized I had a breathing mask on. My body wouldn't move, my arms, legs, nothing would move but my head and it didn't go far. I looked over next to me, there was a tube, I figured it to be the same as what I was in, a blue creature was hoovering in it. It was so weird, but I felt like I knew this creature. His big nose, red shoes, white was Sonic the Hedgehog! Suddenly he jerked, I saw bolts go threw the water he was in. I wanted to protest, but before I could. I was experiencing the same fate
This is a sper of the moment story series I thingk will be very cool. It's Sonix Sex Change, the story goes I get kidnapped and due to a science experement. I become a mix between myself and Sonic.
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hla67 Jul 17, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
excellent story is a great job

only solve for a question
where I write it up so if I want and not journal but I permiteny I now work in microsoft word
hi when will 6 be out im waiting for it
wow i felt like i was in the story!!!!:clap:
SteamBoy27 Feb 13, 2008  Student Filmographer
K. get us a smexy picture of ur fusion.
That's something I think we'd ALL like to see
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